Oslo, Norway – The Fjord Capital

The Scandinavian powerhouse of Norway sits at the top of Europe bordering Sweden, Finland and Russia. Oslo, which sits to the south of the country is engulfed by Oslofjord, which is one of the countries natural formations of steep cliffs with sea inlets. These can be found all around the Norwegian coast. Arriving at Oslo […]

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Is Chernobyl safe to visit?

Before you go to Chernobyl, you need to remember it’s not Disneyland. There are dangers to yourselves or others if not listening to your guides or not abiding by the rules the authorities have set out. It’s also not a place teaming with nuclear activity that will infect you as soon as you arrive, so […]

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Kiev, Ukraine – 105 Underground

Our visit to the Ukraine left us amazed, shocked, and full of new experiences and cultures. It’s definitely one of Europe’s hidden gems and needs to be visited more. Traveling by air, you will most likely arrive at Boryspil International Airport. An approximate 40 minutes to the centre of Kiev. Getting into the city we […]

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Iceland – Nature at its finest

Iceland. A land of waterfalls, geysirs, lagoons and elves. This Nordic gem in the North Atlantic offers visitors adventure and heaps of culture as they travel the golden circle, explore Reykjavik’s city streets or go on the hunt for the northern lights. Most likely you will all start your journey at Keflavik airport, which is […]

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